Composed in response to the thread going on Facebook.

I’m So Vegas

If an edge broke my skin, I’d bleed neon,
I’m so Vegas my treads are worn on the asphalt of:
Hacienda, Rainbow, Fremont,
and it keeps on, pounding that pavement,
I’m so Vegas I wrangle tourists to make my payments.

So Vegas I’m persuasive, could sell water to a pack of porpoises,
so Vegas I don’t cite my sources,
so Vegas I climbed in Red Rock and Mary Jane Falls,
So Vegas I’m from Far Rock and 718 was where I took all my calls,
so Vegas I was unbothered when bombarded by bats in caves at Lake Mead,
so Vegas I go to LVCCLD.org for DVD’s, and to read, for free.

So Vegas I Tinder AND Grindr,
So Vegas I got an app that’s a nightclub finder,
all my reminders and punches for work,
start in the evening until your coffee begins to perk.

So Vegas I know where the art is,
can impart this,
can repartee with:
there is culture here, I’ve seen it,
laden with consciousness and deep wit amongst teeming peers,
the spheres that swirl around each other,
music, painting, poetry, theater,
and brewing some tasty beer.

So Vegas, I’ve been to Summerlin and Henderson,
So Vegas that I’ve never really lived in them,
So Vegas that it took me seven years to start feeling like a local,
So Vegas that I want to get out of here because it drives me a little loco.


One response to “#ImSoVegas

  1. Hi, Mick–I just ran across a call for submissions from a new LV journal called “Helen.” They want work from LV/NV writers that honor the region, and this poem strikes me as a perfect candidate. Also, their inaugural issue will feature work on the theme “Strong Female Lead”; I’m thinking you have some pieces that might fit that, too. Here’s the site: https://helenliterarymagazine.submittable.com/submit. Cheers!

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