One 203 Ride

Filled with half-familiar faces,
Seen before, perhaps in a dream,
Passing blue-bunned ghetto mama with a booty pushing stroller, soul in her soles,
Sitting across from a nervous kid, no more than twenty, wearing a red Chowking collared shirt, who smiles when given one of my halfhearted attempts at one and gives me two thumbs,
Beside me, at the back of the bus, i am privy to a phone call made in Spanish:
I do not know enough of the language to discern its’ content really.

To the other side of me is a nurse wearing floral scrubs in green and blue, she seems intent on staring forward, ignoring the conversation in Espanol – I have a feeling she understands it all too well,
And there is a couple, both of them mocha-skinned:
She has blonde and pink lips and
he has cornrows and chest tattoo that I cannot read,
He keeps his arm around her like she would float off otherwise,
And the look she gave me when she stepped on the bus? She just might have.

There is a girl with a cream complexion, wearing blue shorts that are just low enough at the hip to see a tattoo, but not what it’s of,
And at the next stop after I’ve noticed her,
A man with a blonde beard sits beside her – he has a line of Celtic tattoos reading like an Irish testament –
He seems to be pulled to her but drawn apart and at an opportune time jumps to a seat further toward the back,
As if Destiny drew him there but Chastity pushed him away.

And I looked about and saw a man take off his cap to reveal a furry forehead,
A hairline beginning just about his eyebrows,
And a fashionista with red hair the color of Arizona clay who gets off my stop and ambles toward the Fashion Show mall, appropriately.

At my last stop, a Trinity enters,
A maid in glasses and a purple top the loudest floral shirt I have seen in a while,
And a Mother with two babes, one three and one an infant, still in carrier,
And she fights with a stroller and holding onto her kids,
And a little Spanish woman whose bus pass won’t work,
And the driver gives her one last free ride but confiscates the card.


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