Trimming the hedges, cutting branches over the walkway,
slicing limbs to be passable but still providing shade,
giving it shape, thinking ahead and predicting its’ future,
strip off the refuse for what’s truly useful.

You gave me this assurity in
and wrenches
scholastic institutions
and a basis for my stage presence.

You are freed as a pheasant might fly after prize,
you are burning in a constellation with Clara in the sky,
on high, green pastures and happily ever afters,
everyone in the club consumed in chuckles and laughter,
by your banter, your kibbutzing,
the earnest joy on your face,
from this dimension forever displaced,
by GRACE you are granted the peace of the grave,
and I and my brothers are left to stay brave.

We were your pride, we are what’s left of your legacy,
we are blind to what’s to come and the fulfillment of our destiny,
and in ECSTASY, you might see what the future does hold,
the turn of events that shall leave us all whole,
a brick in the narrow bridge trod on but still bold.

Because “All of the world is a very narrow road, a very narrow toll,
a very narrow bridge. All of the world is exactly as it is, but do not
be afraid.”

Kol haolam koo-low, gesher tsar meh-ode.


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