Gratitude: Part 2

Today I am grateful for:

14. Communication, even if it is not the response that I was hoping for. It is infinitely better than no word at all.

15. Good friends, even when they are mad at me.

16. For the ability and sincere desire to apologize and rectify my wrong-doing.

17. My space heater.

18. The ability to retain kindness as an ideal to ascribe to and live by, even when I fail.

19. My body behaving as it should.

20. The rest that I did have.

21. The opportunity to serve today.

22. The opportunity to love today.

23. The ability to create out of the destruction I have caused.

24. For the rational mind to recognize that I have caused destruction.

25. For the power to affect change, both small and great.

26. For having eaten twice today already and that a third, and possibly a fourth, meal seems likely.

27. For being early when the bus came prior to its’ schedule.

28. No one on this bus has seeming to noticed that I am wearing ladies’ pants. If they have noticed, they haven’t said anything. I am grateful for that too.

29. My skinny pants having never looked better on me. #cutebutt

30. That I can recognize my strengths and my flaws.


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