There once was a child who wanted a cookie, a little girl, who loved any kind of cookie she encountered. She was not choosy and loved chocolate chip as much as she she loved oatmeal raisin. She was happiest when she had cookies.

One day, dinner was approaching and the girl’s Mother was distracted with preparations. While her Mother was distracted, the girl ate a whole jar of cookies. When her mother found out, she wasn’t mad, just sad. Mother had prepared a lavish meal but the girl wasn’t hungry because she filled herself with cookies.

Mother made the girl say, “sorry,” and to promise not to do it again. The girl did as she was told and made the promise. Whether she had any intention of keeping it we will never know.

Time passed, and Girl Scout Cookie sales began. Mother did not love all cookies. She only liked Thin Mints, and she liked to support the Girl Scouts, so she bought a box. She hid them away in the cupboard, and intended to treat herself with one cookie a day.

When the time came for her daily cookie, she found the box empty. Disheartened, the mother found the girl in her room, on her bed, writhing in pain. Mother was concerned.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Mother asked.

“I ate a whole box of cookies, and now my tummy hurts.” The girl replied.

“Why did you eat the whole box of Mommy’s cookies?” Mother asked then.

“Because I wanted to.” The girl replied.

“But you promised you wouldn’t eat so many cookies again, baby.” Mother said, disappointed, but with sympathy.

“I know,” the girl replied, “but I just wanted them, but now my tummy hurts.”

And Mother was not mad, but sad. She wanted a Girl Scout cookie, but now there were none because her daughter ate them all. And Mother did not punish the girl, Mother figured the tummy ache was punishment enough. But she did not want this to happen again.

Mother said, “Baby, I do not want to deny you anything. You can have as many cookies as you want. Just ask me first, okay?”

“Okay,” the girl said.

“So what aren’t you going to do?” Mother asked.

“Eat all the cookies.” The girl said, groaning in pain as the words escaped her mouth.

“Promise?” Mother asked, even more sympathically.

“Promise.” The girl said.

And that was enough for Mother. And for the girl, for a time. But temptation came again on Daddy’s birthday.

Daddy did not like cake. And he did not like all cookies, like his daughter did. He only liked Mother’s macadamia white chocolate chip cookies.

For his birthday, Mother made a whole batch of macadamia white chocolate chip cookies, just for him. Mother sat the cookies on the kitchen counter when they were done, to let them cool. Mother had other preparations for the party in the living room, and while she was working, she heard a thunk, and suddenly, the girl was crying.

Mother raced to the kitchen to find the girl on the kitchen floor. She was writhing in pain, having hit her head with the tray when she tried to pull it off the counter. Thankfully, the tray was no longer hot enough to burn her, but it was still heavy enough to hurt the girl. The cookies Mother had worked so hard on were strewn all over the floor.

Mother held her daughter, and cradled her until the girl stopped crying. When the girl was calm again, Mother asked her daughter what had happened. It was plain to see, but she was hoping a lesson would be learned, finally.

“I…,” The girl began, stalling, “…I don’t want to talk about it.” The girl finally spat out.

Mother, determined, said, “Baby, those were Daddy’s cookies. I made them just for him. But I would have given you one, if you had asked. Why didn’t you ask?”

“Because I wanted them all.” The girl replied, petulantly.

“But you promised you’d ask. And you promised you wouldn’t eat them all.” Mother said, disappointedly.

“I know. But I wanted it. I’m sorry.” The girl said, as if that would make it all better.

But it did not make it better, and now Mother was angry. Mother made her daughter clean up all the cookies, throw them away not eating one, and put the girl in timeout until the birthday party. And Mother resolved to never let cookies into the house again. But Mother forgave her daughter and loved her just the same. Mother was just disappointed.

One day, Daddy came home with groceries. Mother didn’t know it, but Daddy had bought cookies to sneak to his daughter. Daddy liked to spoil his daughter, and spoil her he did, with a whole package of Oreo cookies.

Mother heard groaning coming from her daughter’s room. Peering inside, Mother found her daughter in agony once again, a half-eaten container of Oreo cookies just within arm’s reach, the daughter still reaching for another cookie to put in her mouth. Mother is shocked, in awe.

Mother feels betrayed. Mother feels lied to. But more than anything, Mother feels sad.

What should Mother do now?


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