Gratitude: Part 3

Today I am grateful for:

31. That this sadness is not my own woe but that I have hurt so many people that I love.

32. For not letting myself be or feel like a victim.

33. For the ride in the Volt from Jeff, and for his story. I am also grateful he is feeling better – it sounds like he has had it worse than I.

34. For being able to treat those less fortunate as human beings; they deserve it and do not get it nearly enough.

35. For a job that I love, that sees my worth.

36. For the sleep yet to come.

37. For Burners. For Burning Man. For the Temple. (I miss Home right now)

38. For Elyssa, thank you for the ride home so I didn’t have to bus it last night.

39. For solitude.

40. For company.


2 responses to “Gratitude: Part 3

  1. This is amazing. Do check out my blog as well. Thank you. (Keep posting)

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