My heart, corazón,
Counts in eights,
La salsa,
Because of you,
And now it aches,
Because you said
Things that aren’t true,
What could I do?

I was left with no choice,
When my begging could not be heard
Over the sound of your own voice,
Mí corazón but a toy.

How to rejoice in this newfound freedom?
I never wanted to face this cold season,
Especially alone,
with nothing but my feet and my poem
To keep me warm,
These treads all worn,
I try and stay stoic and I do,
There’s nothing left between me and you,
And you treat me so cruel,
And you think I deserve it,
But I didn’t take the action that has both of us hurting.

Do you ache or just feel vindicated,
That your harsh words has me even debating,
Questioning where did the love go and when,
And why you couldn’t treat me as you would a friend.


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