Gratitude: Part 8

This morning I am grateful for:

81. Making enough cash last night ballooning to pay for my ride to work today – and then some.

82. Tawney Bubbles for being a friend and mentor. Thank you for providing me a means to sustain myself in this unstable time.

83. Alarm clocks, even when they fail me (or I fail them, as the case of oversleeping might be, as in this case).

84. That a branch of my bank is within walking distance from my house.

85. That my ATM card is working.

86. For Lyft being in Las Vegas – the panic of not making it in time is still coating my throat, even though I’m early.

87. “Work” today, which literally just necessitates me sitting there and being subjected to nurse intake exams.

88. To being listened to and heard about my poly relationship problems and perspective by people who have been practicing it longer than I’ve been alive. Thank you for the vindication.

89. The hope that today she will apologize for calling me and her dad “losers.”

90. A busy weekend of friends, art, and kindness.


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