Gratitude: Part 9

Right now I am grateful for:

91. My first Nurse Practioner student for yesterday being really cute, and for a fun mix of flirting and professionalism. A woman has never gotten me so close to nude so quickly after meeting me before. Not off Playa, at any rate.

92. Memories of the Playa – that ride to the Temple. Walking in. The swell of emotions. The Temple Guardian behind me who calmed my soul, as I outpoured my woe for the loss of my father and the fight with my girlfriend I was in the midst of.

93. Lifts from old friends I haven’t seen in a while, with good recommendations for getting home beyond.

94. Strange, absurdist theatre. It’s amazing what can be done with a sheet, a couple of boxes, a computer, a sound system, and a projector.

95. (In)discrete indiscretions while huddled around a fire for warmth.

96. Group massages, the more hands the better.

97. Not having texted or called her since her last cutting words, which still make me feel so less-than.

98. Forward momentum even when the whirlpool feels like it is dragging me down.

99. Digital age paychecks. It’s nice to not have to go pick up a check.

100. The work in the earth I shall do today.


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