A response to being hurt further. #healing


10. We toil in the earth as best we could. Low, not because we’re less-than, but because we know we are not any more than any other.

9. You have not felt thirst nor hungered by us if we were near, we always tried to meet your needs, if not your desires. We could not fulfill them all, but that was no reason to break our hearts.

8. We are not perfect. We are people, and sometimes we fail. We are flawed, like you.

7. Maybe we have missed some opportunities for being too cautious, or perhaps we have not been cautious enough. Our hearts are open and at least we tried. Sometimes the correct choice is not always obvious, and sometimes the right choice is the wrong one. Because how else are we supposed to learn?

6. We’ve never taken an unfair advantage, never sought to “one-up” anyone just to make it out ahead. We’ve never cheated anyone, never took away their choice, never made promises we didn’t intend to keep, and we have even held to promises that did us damage.

5. We knew it would hurt, but our word is all we have. When all the money is gone all that is left is the person and the wind in them, and our wind does not blow false. Our truth is all we know. And truth, above all, is what we revere.

4. We adhere to our convictions and abide by our truths. We make resolutions and sometimes they stick. Again, we’re only human.

3. We know we can do better. As Hemingway wrote, “…true nobility is being superior to your former self.” They say the first step is admitting that you have a problem.

2. We care so much, maybe too much. Our spirits should have been divided amongst more men. We should have teams to enact our dreams. But we cannot cultivate devotion. Everyone we share our dreams with ends up disappointing us.

1. We want the world, but we don’t need it. We try to help, but not everyone can be pleased. So we do what we can and just try to give. Why in our face do you spit?


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