Gratitude: Part 10

Today I am grateful for:

101. The 10 hours of sleep I got. Apparently I needed it. Thankfully it wasn’t 20.

102. All the people reading and liking my posts.

103. A fun night at The Phoenix, hob-knobbing with some lovely Santa-themed Burners. Dancing to DeMarco’s set. Happy birthday, Snugs.

104. That I still haven’t called or texted her. That I don’t want her back. I just want an apology.

105. For getting hit on hard by a cute drunk dude, and less hard by less drunk girls. For demonstrative social worth. For body-painted hugs.

106. For Hemp and Marijuana. Cannabis is the Biblical Tree of Life.

107. For getting to haul and build things for a garden.

108. For my first taste of latkes this holiday season.

109. That I have not actively posted anything to Facebook in a week. Way to stick to my guns.

110. For the little checks to Facebook, just to get a fix. For the fact that it annoyed the hell out of me and that I’ve probably spent less than 5 minutes on there all week.

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