Meditations: Three of Swords

My card for 13 December, 2015

A heart stabbed, three times,
Pierced through each ventricle and split in twain,
A complete destruction.

Gray clouds loom ominously behind.

Meaning loss, sorrow, betrayal, necessary sacrifice,
It rings poignant to me now,
I know what it means.

It advises “letting go” of some thing not good for me,
There are several that I point at in my own life and my own heart.

It hurts, but release will allow for growth and healing, the card suggests,
And I’m listening.

I am working every day to fix this heart, mend it, let it be open,
And if nothing else
This relationship gave me the words to
Express how I feel,
That polyamory is more than some silly ideal,
That it can be real, if everyone practices it,
And this heart, though cleft,
Still beats,
Still holds peace and the serene as the the pristine principle and the Golden Rule,
Do not do to others what you don’t want done to you.

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