Gratitude: Part 11

Today I am grateful for:

111. A memoir called 111 Orgasms. Even if I never finish it – I know what happened and can smirk at it whenever I’d like. #theycanttakethatawayfromme

112. My last cigarette.

113. My morning constitutional.

114. Getting the opportunity to walk a little old lady home. We had a lovely conversation on herbal medicine and my granddmother, Fayga Hinda, may she rest in peace.

115. That I am on time for the pipeline to work. Need a shower, I smell like fire still and my fingernails need be trimmed.

116. The money I owe. I am aware of every cent. When it comes back to me, it will come straight to you. Thanks for your patience with me.

117. For good times this past year, and the good times to come.

118. For the holiday spirit. I think trying to embody it will help get my heart in order. I am spreading love to all, even those who have hurt me.

119. For forgiveness and for healing and for the passage of time. I think my mean time for trying to move on is improving. When I was younger, this was much, much worse. #stillhurts #justabit #workingonit #notbadfortwoweeks

120. For earnest apologies. I would take the time to give them. And I would like to hear them, but I am ready to live with disappointment.


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