Gratitude: Part 12

Today I am grateful for:

121. For breakfast with Robert. He is a fine gentleman, in the classic sense, a good friend, and a kind soul. I am grateful for his calming presence in my life.

122. My neighbor and his cousin. Just a few choice lines of poetry and they insist I ought to be a rapper. Immortal Technique only sold 200,000 copies, but hey – you got a sick beat and people will buy it, methinks.

123. For my memory. It turns out a large portion of my Shakespearean Verse Tragedy, For the Joy of the Sting, is still stuck in my head. Especially that important part that helped me through all that trouble years ago. My pain make art that subdues my pain still. #goodjob

124. For perspective. It’s good to feel like it’s growth instead of destruction. Everything is for the best.

125. For the future. It is not yet writ. We are writing it today. And I’m a great fucking writer.

126. For unconditional love. I get it still, even though it’s not from her. There is, thankfully, no shortage of love in the world.

127. For anger. For feeling it, honoring it, understanding where it comes from and why it is necessary, and then letting go.

128. For three mostly good years.

129. For the shitty parts and the strength to escape it.

130. For Santa goddamn Rampage this weekend, on Fremont St. Santa definitely needs a drink! Come dressed up and get rowdy!


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