Meditations: Ace of Wands

My card for 15 December 2015:

Ace of Wands

A wand, club-like, still sprouting leaves,
Held by a spectral hand emanating from gray clouds.

With but a twist, manifestation,
Magician’s tool and inspiration.

These are hanging in the air over a mountain range,
On which sits a castle,
That is idle by a river,
Across from three trees.

Mountains mean challenges and growth.

Castles mean manifestation, and civilization and society.

Rivers mean changing emotions.

Something is on the cusp. I must think bigger, dream bigger,
Leave no stone unturned,
Sprout new greenery, even in these winter months,
To remind the world that winter’s ending,
Solstice is nearly here,
Just one more week and then it’s into the New Year.

Stay strong and inspired,
In this moor you shall not much longer be mired.


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