Gratitude: Part 13

Today I am grateful for:

131. The piano I taught myself. It has come along exceedingly well. Thank you, Amanda, for the gift of the keyboard for my birthday last year.  It is still put to good use and will always remind me of you, stands and bags and all.

132. For quick work on my new play, Terminal! the Musical!. It tells the tale of a homeless woman’s struggle with cancer and getting off the streets, based on real-life events of my friend, Alia. I have every scene broken down and have already plowed into Scene 3 (of 30, that means 1% complete, though I think the outline jumps me up to 50% (thence 51%)- knowledge of the landscape, knowing where you’re going, after all, is half the battle). Keeping on keeping on.

133. For Zen. For breathing. For correct posture.

134. For discussions about energy and matter, and the underpinings of the Universe.

135.For fractals swirling infinitely all around us.

136. For vibrations causing manifestation, for creation and destruction by words alone.

137.For words like:
-“Santa Rampage.”

138. For the knowledge that everything fails somewhere eventually (your body and the entire universe, all included).

139.For the knowledge that the material world is in fact speeding up, spreading out, and falling apart.

140. For the ability to act now while I still can.


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