Gratitude: Part 14

Today I am grateful for:

141. Meeting up with the sound engineer who’s going to be helping me with the KindPod. The work he’s done is already better than I could have hoped for. This is going to be amazing.

142. My backup phone charger. Plugged in all night and it didn’t hit full, but it was still on this morning.

143. Waking at my first alarm. Meant I wasn’t as rushed to dress and get to work as I might have been.

144. Peace of mind that good things are coming my way.

145. The acceptance that I never really knew her, or if I did, I lied to myself to make it last as long as it did.

146. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening tonight. We’ll see if I can make it to the 25th without any spoilers.

147. A “free” lunch today. Have eaten twice today. And am on my second cup of coffee. Life is good.

148. The sensation of desire. Defacto celibacy after heartache. It’s nice to interact with people again without expectation, but still hopeful for more.

149. The checklist of things I want to say is fading. Acceptance of reality versus fantasy, and the expectation that they will say and do the right thing.

150. The ability to laugh. Especially in adversity. For being able to remove myself from the equation and see the big picture.


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