Gratitude: Part 15

Today I am grateful for:

151. Friends that listen to me kvetch about my so-called problems.

152. Socalled and Klezmer music.

153. My onsie and my wookie and my santa hat. Tonight will be fun. #SantaRampageLV

154. My massage today. Kindness does have tangible, physical rewards. Sometimes.

155. One “free” coffee today (for taking a friend to the airport) and two punch cards for free coffee in the future.

156. The fact my phone is still working even though I just dropped it into the sink under a running faucet.

157. Payment arrangements that allow my phone to stay on. Happy holidays.

158. Warmth and for cold. They alight my senses. I am grateful for warmth most in the counterbalance.

159. Your readership. Sometimes, as a writer, you feel as though you’re alone in a vacuum. The likes and comments and stats keep me going during these hard times.

160. Growth and change. That there’s a good chance that she’s having a harder time than me. It’s a little easier for the one doing the breaking up, even though it still hurts so damn much. #time #heals #allwounds


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