Gratitude: Part 16

Today I am grateful for:

161. Santa. Goddamn. Rampage. Good, fun, cathartic night. Already looking forward to July’s (the weirder one).

162. My flirting and dance skills. Don’t be fooled by my size. I can cut several sorts of rug and I’m quick on my feet. #inmorewaysthanone

163. Ballooning for fun and profit. But mostly for fun. Balloon genitalia abound.

164. More numbers in my phone.

165. Staying up way too late.

166. New (nubile) friends and consensual experiences.

167. Getting up way too early and sharing breakfast and coffee.

168. Driving out to the ends of the earth and “getting to know you….”

169. The Democratic Party Debate tonight (in 20 minutes) at Inspire Theatre, Downtown Las Vegas.

170. Some well-deserved sleep at some point in the future. #sleepwhenyouaredead


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