Gratitude: Part 19

Yesterday I was grateful for:

191. It mostly just being a sore throat. I’d rather not have full-blown sick, especially now that I’m single and no one is taking care of me. Thanks, Universe

192. Making some good tip money, even though it was pretty dead in that restaurant.

193. That Solstice party. Pagans and actors are some of my favorite people. Always a good time when they come together.

194. Glitterbeard. Thanks for the frankness and candor, for the ear, and for transmitting glitter to my own beard.

195. Finally stepping into a night club, besides the Double Down, in the Fruit Loop. Overpriced and swank with equal measure gaudy, but fun.

196. For being invited to dance, making me feel that the other night wasn’t just a one-night stand. Hurray for self-worth raised!

197. For dancing with strangers. Good God did that girl have a body, and damn, could she move! Pressing her against me and salsaing – hate to say it, but pretty much the highlight of the night. She flickers like a flame still when I close my eyes, the bright delight of her ecstasy on the floor that night.

198. A solid amount of sleep thereafter.

199. Being able to help friends out.

200. That bit of toke yesterday. It’s amazing what it does for my mood.


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