Gratitude: Part 20

Today I am grateful for:


201: My homemade chicken soup. Shared with friends, the way it was meant to. Delicious.

202: The rough emotional patch I had today. It makes me certain that I am progressing forward. The hurt is diminishing every day. #healing

203: The play I was in was recognized in a magazine. That was nice. #partoftheemotionality #she #codirected

204: That my trouble leg is a little stiff, but I have absolutely no pain whatsoever, even in waking. #healing #morewaysthanone #thatplaywaspartresponsible #lotsofpain

205: The chance to help today. Heck of a round trip, but I survived. Babybuttz is home.

206: The Game of Thrones teaser having come out. In April, Winter is Here! Friends watching Season 1 now…if they only knew. #theywill


207: Friends back in NY that still check up on me. And send me funny things to make me laugh. Thank you for still being so dear to me, even 9 years later. #crosscountry #truefriendship

208: The nearest thing to a “date” I’ve had since the break up. It was nice. I like her, she’s fun. Definitely not rushing anything – just appreciating people. #date #notadate #mule

209: The tips I made yesterday, and the frank conversation with the servers. It’s interesting being so forthcoming. I feel, right now especially, as if I have nothing to lose.

210: For “working” on Christmas and New Year’s. Both of them are parties, open bar at NYE. I’m gonna get faded, that’s for certain. #senorfrogs #epyk #balloonlife

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