Gratitude: Part 21

Right now I am grateful for:

211. Bernie Sanders comes to town in just four days! I’m registered to see him speak live. That’s exciting! #bernie2016

212. That I can resist temptation, even when my brain chemistry is telling me to act all wibbledy-wobbley. #stupidgenetics


213. Finally getting a hug from my new old-friend after her return from travels. She was my first new friend after the breakup, and helps remind me of spirituality, healing, and self-love and admiration. It was good to see her again.

214. The grocery shopping I did yesterday. That my forgotten bag was at checkout, despite my disassociated mind. And that I am supposed to return today anyway to the friends I left my veggies, charger, and a cooking pot at.

215. The whole scene I wrote yesterday. If I stay focused, I could probably write this script in two weeks (wanna give me some encouragement, readership? Comment below!).

216. Self-date tomorrow probably. Gonna finally see Force Awakens. “Real” date the day after. Gonna see it again. #healing #hustler #ladiesman

217. The blood pumping through my…er…veins.

218. The rejection letter for that other job I applied for. I suppose I’m meant for other things. #movingon #healthinsurancewouldhavebeennicethough

219. Learning new songs on the piano. It’s amazing what heartache can do for creativity.

220. Hashtags. I know some people are staunchly opposed to them, but I dig them. As a damn good writer, I’m fairly sure I get to use whatever I damn well please to convey my thoughts. #damnstraight


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