Gratitude: Part 22

Today I am grateful for:

221. Working Christmas Eve. Good tip money. #merry

222. WordPress’ post scheduling feature.

223. The company of more good friends, some I haven’t seen in quite a while. For foosball and being humble.

224. The (free) attention and affection of people that tend to deal in the stuff as a commidity.

225. Conversations about the Numinous over chicken sandwiches. That Comparative Religions degree is really paying off. #sarcasm #butnotreally

226. Being told how talented I am with great frequency. I mean, I know. But it’s nice to hear too. Thanks.

227. The holiday spirit. I have been trying to embody it and I feel mostly jolly…except when I am driving, and especially when I’m behind schedule.

228. That euphoric moment when traffic finally clears and you have an unimpeded straight shot ahead.

229. Being asked to cook for my sick friend. It’s nice to have that skill appreciated. It’s one of the reasons why I make for a good mate. (Post pending. #matematerial) Everyone really seemed to enjoy it. New Christmas Eve tradition: MAKE Chinese food and see a movie. #jewishChristmas #levelup

230. A bed to sleep in. Affection, friendship, food, fun, frolicing, and frequent travels. Thanks, “Felicia,” and Merry Christmas back home.


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