Gratitude: Part 23

Today I am grateful for:

231. The encouragement of friends in new ventures and for being reminded that being a Gentleman is a virtue and potentially a commodity.

232. Discussions on the evils of money and for other people thinking how to get rid of it.

233. My ability to bake: the cookies turned out well.

234. Pho on a really cold night.

235. Finally getting to see Star Wars Episode 7. Fun times, though more questions than answers. #jjabrams #lost #inspace

236. A date that’s willing to go check out a party that’s winding down.

237. For 4-player Tetris on the Wii.

238. The disappointment and then acceptance of not making the right recommendation, but then the confirmation that I’ll get another chance soon.

239. Sleeping in ALOT on a Sunday.

240. Making tips last night and the offer of more work NYE, but I’ve already got a gig. Yay! Happy New Year’s!

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