Gratitude: Part 25

Yesterday I was grateful for:

251. Not getting pulled over in that speed trap on Reno Ave, behind the Tropicana (even though I had a cell phone in my hand at the time). Thanks, other guy, for not noticing the bike cops!

252. Appreciating solitude a little more.

253. Zia Records. I’m selling all the possessions I do not need. I need money more, and less stuff in my life. But Zia is so tempting….

254. Seeing just how little I actually matter to her. For knowing that I truly matter more than their little love game.

255. Freelance writing websites. Not the best use of my skills, but it does make me some money.

256. The seeming course of events that will have me in CT for my nephew’s bar mitzvah.

257. The vision of a new world. The pain of this one.

258. Comedians. Good ones and bad ones. Thank you for entertaining me.

259. A sense of direction.

260. These emotions I have and the acting practices that give me some modicum of control over them.

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