A Nile 8

Whether in the throes of victory or basking in the deepest pain,
The thought’s always the same,
Let me die now, there’s nothing more I need gain,
But I open my eyes each day to the same refrain,
Get up, get out, get back,
Lay down, next morning do it again.

That moment you realize you have more in common with Marc Maron than Rumi,
The world around you encasing you like a tomb,
See happy people but know inside their gloomy,
If I had the power, the whole world I’d be dooming.

Derelict, delinquent, I got debt out my eyes,
Every woman I’ve trusted sold me nothing but lies,
I’m an addict who loves and hates all his chains,
A liar, a thief, my soul is real stained.

And this world, what a farce,
Love’s not worth it, it’s a bandage,
To give perspective to all the suffering,
It doesn’t cover the damage,
The vile grow more evil, just stepping on our backs,
And the cops keep us down when we try to fight back.

Every system’s corrupt,
There’s no one I trust,
Everyone’s got a word but words are merely a gust,
So I’ll cuss and cry,
Pack my shit up and die,
Because in the end,
It’s what all of us must.

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