Missing You Is Like

Missing you is like
Wanting chocolate chip cookies but making oatmeal instead,
It’s like going to bed promptly at 10 but not falling asleep until 4AM,
It’s poking at a tooth to make sure the ache’s still there,
It’s trying to mate your stallion but both of them’s a mare.

[Let’s get this straight – it’s not the regular sex that’s gone.
Okay, some of it’s the regular sex that’s gone.
Fine. The premium sex with a sexologist is sorely missed, yes.]

But more it’s the nearness,
The spent feeling lying next to someone after the energy exchange of two tempests that twirled into each other.

But each arching article,
Every unintentional act of avarice an obstacle,
Stands as a barrier between us,
A Great Wall of my mistrust of you,
Globetrotting temptress desired by many,
Had, because you felt like it, your own psyche daring you.

And you, you gave me more than you should of,
Perhaps more than you knew you had.

Still not enough for me,
I just wanted your word to mean something,
Not concrete, but not made of putty neither
You said you were trying but I just can’t believe you.


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