She’s got a sword but wants it only cut one way,
When I reach for the blade, she claims it isn’t safe,
Must have been some big mistake when I heard her say she’s fair,
She’s wants consent to do the things she please,
For me to sit and stare.

She doesn’t care that she hurts me
Though she claims she’ll change her ways,
She says one thing when I’m before her,
Does as she please each other day,
And when my actions make it even,
Like she says that we both be,
She says we need to reconsider this consensual non-monogamy.

It bothers me, it’s festering,
Her lies inside me pestering,
Props herself a princess
And has me as just her jester then
Has her way with who she please and begs me to just reconvene,
If all were equal I wouldn’t have to drag the truth from out beneath the cover-up.


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