May dispensed dystopia,
Mighty did dastardly,
Mean, disgusting dissonances,
Martialed disaffected discord,
Married deliverance discretely.

Mob don’t do much, don’t dally,
Mind directs delusions my dad described,
Messy diary drawer made destiny delirium,
Made depression devolve miserable damned devil, mistaking dialectical discovery.

Maybe digesting dirty margins did disaster,
Maybe dissecting diameters, margins, distressed director,
My damned disaster, made dulcet dull,
Marketed discorporation disaffectedly,
Mistook devotion discriminately,
Mayfly digging dick, misrepresenting direct devotion, managing doleful dispensation magically.

Don’t do mysterious dysfunction, dragging malady distraught, depriving
Myself (dogshit deserving mercy?),
Don’t deserve memory,
Dispossess dimension, my dear Distressed Mayfly, do disservice, mischief dependent dogmatically,
Miss discussing dramatics merrily,
Defending decisions made,
Describing devotion, marvelous, dispensed delightedly.

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