Fire red,
Twinkling like a sapphire swimming in ink,
Incandescent strobing
War-like lingering like
This smoldering coal in my blood
Brain barrier to beneficial behavior,
Where even yoga is all warrior,
Mindfulness a degradation to

Turning lungs to tar,
Willing to mainline anything
But hope
If it were available,
But I have isolated myself,
Frayed fancies against full catastrophe,
Barely contained sequence of ego
That keeps a facade for family,
Unmusterable elsewhere.

Ares inconsequential,
Self-neutered war god
Instead of Hephaestus,
Flung fidelity on self-loathing
Instead of fair Aphrodite,
Sure that Eros would sting worse,
Convinced that causal loops
Would linger like quarks
Back and forth in time,
That rhymes would lose
all entropy redundant,
Time in forth and back,
Twinkling ink lost in a red sky.


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