Elusive chemical cocktail
Evading veracity in veins,
Instead compels complaint
For the faint traces engrained.

Constrained to deem
Small victories vicariously,
Vestigial vestibule of veracity,
Victimless values of vaporized resolution,
Promises as substantial as mist
And fog.

Missing the maladroit, misanthropic messenger of mayhem
That made marionettes of the myopic
Microorganisms magnified by misplacing
Servitude and subordinancy in the ordnance she flung at fancies she found fitting,
Folding fastly to florrid fistfuls of wilting flowers for empowerment,
Taking conscious consent from a conscientious uncombatant.

Calamity, causality,
Captivation cut ties for correlation,
Crafting contemplation as an inconvenient beer brewed beneath bellyful of resentment,
Resonating still in referendum to the relic raving rabid as a habit harbored hastily,
A refugee in reverence.

Deference, deliberation
Deliberate in defiance,
Disarming nature to conform to some compliance,
Caustic crafting that canters through his quandary,
How to disengage and respect each others boundaries?


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