03/30 – Details

***Adult Content – viewer discretion advised ***


Reminiscence and fantasy mingle,
Our spectacular sex 2,600 miles apart
and yet
the thought of you stirring before my seeking slumber
springs sleeping member to waking,
putting together piecemeal the poignant parts,
placed out-of-order in dream-logic libidinous chimes of the bell that
rings in missing kissing your hummingbird hips,
parting and pleasuring in perfect symmetry while pressing the soles of your feet with my thumbs as I spread your legs to allow me lengthier falls of my piston pressing pistil-stamen epistles of pulsing praise and pressing peril
of an orgasm so great as to unseat your soul
as root takes to soil and slowly stakes stem placidly.

The drive, and the call you were on, getting your car,
when I first took your wrist and kissed it,
and you quickly ended the call
and we went back to my place,
where you wrapped your legs around me in the living room and I carried you to the bed,
rapidly disrobing and placing myself inside you
because we have waited for too long for this and
I can’t believe we waited so long for…

We have to wait tonight.
You’re bleeding.
But I want you.
And you want me.
And the neighbors be damned out that doorway still open,
as I pick you, jeans and all,
onto the kitchen counter,
and kissing you,
rub myself as though your hallowed hole were wholed by my willing totem,
tempting to take blood sacrifice on its’ face,
failing forefathers, but we don’t then,
and when I leave your womanhood quakes at the thought of it still.

You are tied up, on your knees,
your wrists bound together,
as is forearms,
as is your upper.
The rope corset tied to you enclose your breasts apart,
and down, between your legs,
the knot against your clitoris tightening with each breath you draw,
a delicious agony of abstention,
desiring nothing more than,
the fullness that only
my cock can provide.

It feels so big in your small hands,
my fingers struggling for purchase in your short hair,
daring to delve deeper and delighting in the delicate way
you stroke me, making me breathless,
grateful for a good God that granted your grace upon me.

And I cum,
as we cum together and you push me out as you almost always do,
2,600 miles away,
but still I can feel you quaking,
aching for it again.


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