05/30 – After


Once it all happens,
whatever it is,
when we’re on our own again,
grid unplugged,
one in the world,
living off the land and your wits,
you can find me,
Johnny Hempseed,
cultivating a trail across the land,
planting wherever it may grow.

Gone would be golf courses and lawns,
Cannabis would grow in every dirt highway barrier,
burgeoning buds scrubbing CO2 out of the air,
promising the fix what we wrought,
poison greenhouse gassing ourselves since the Industrial Revolution,
knowing what we were doing all along,
content in our mastery of mechanics
and warmed in the knowledge that less people will die of exposure because Ice Ages can come no more,
Venusian  precursor racing akin,
some other race,
tens or hundreds of thousands of years from now,
might wonder at our world and imagine what we might have been like,
Homo sapiens sapiens a bit of a blip but
significant all the same.

In the after though,
you can find me,
Johnny Hempseed,
trying as best I can,
to prolong that blip,
knowing all that hemp holds:
food and fuel and fiber,
textiles to house us,
plastics to sate every possible need,
medicines for all manner of malady,
and technology that we can barely yet dream of,
we slumbering scions of the stars.


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