21/30 – Burn Night 2014

The city dissolves into organized chaos,

effigies are burning in the night, lapping at the sky,

fire dancers arc into the wind, glistening from exertion and the heat,

far away, in the Temple, I am taking stock:

of every heartache and injury,

every cut-short goodbye,

every teary-eyed memo penned to put a piece of it from out the heart and into this building burning tomorrow,

already, the coming conflagration has tempered steel in the hurt lines,

as some sorry former husband tells the tale that has him staring at the journal of his remembrances, his wedding ring, left at the Temple of the first burn since their breakup, this place where they met,

ages ago, in some ghost vestige of this vessel we are standing in and he tells me,

“I’m just trying to find a way to let this go,”

and after he imparts the details and I listen, I tell him I hope he figures out what he needs to do and he says,

“I think I just did,”

as he walks away.


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