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Out of favor,
Vestigial heart palpatation,
Encouraging but
Slow-dancing and
Granting transparency to
Haphazard replacement.



A response to being hurt further. #healing

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Protected: Witchcraft

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And the altar of our love was wrought in the dusky darkness of a parking lot,
where the sun and the moon came to light our world
when two lips that spent years in the service of speaking went silent
and sought only the sweet serenity
of seeking the other,
satiation in the subtlety of sparingly pecking and tenderly touching,
our tongues tearing past the safety of mouths to taste eternity of the soul expressed in the nearness and the love that could not be suppressed.

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Dear Jill

Dear Jill,

You were serenity and defiance wrapped in a quilt of tattoos and tenacity,
Calamity was your calling card and I should have known better but I couldn’t help it,
you kissed strangers and left me wanting,
even more so in your engagement that you would eventually fulfill,
but you let me bare your breasts and in turn I bared my scars to you.

We ate our insecurities with our late-night breakfast and never made it to dessert,
you were much too beguiling for banana cream pie,
incandescent only in the candlelight that let me keep on burning for you;
we took a left at Albuquerque and arrived in Antarctica,
late night texts turned from arbitration to arbitrary.

I became an artifact of your once-wily ways now lost to time and matrimony,
A photo long deleted on a phone from two lives ago;
I never got my fairy tale,
Just grim reality,
Where hearts are broken every day,
And then some day you meet the grave.

Protected: Cake v. Pie

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Because You Are Missed

Where have you gone?
Our hearts and minds are separated,
Reticent, reluctant to
Do this again to
Spread our
Like my
Altogether sloppy marmalade on
Your perfectly browned toast.

My mistakes are legion
If a demon could express more than the
Surface I have scratched,
Sorrow that sticks
Explicitly to the
Space between your marrow and blood.

Do you think this can be
Repaired? Our
Serenity together was paramount, the
Expressions of our love tingling like a
Xylophone, sweet and subtle,
Tribute to each other.