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1/30 – April’s Fool

It didn’t take much,
just to open mouth again,
to let fly assumptions to certainty,
because wise men speak when they have something to say,
fools speak because they have to say something.

Bluster bubbled over, boisterous bravado that barters livelihoods on a lark,
throws caution to the wind and arms enemies and allies alike,
some with words, some with weapons,
waging warfare for a fortune,
because our greatest export has always been


Leaves pieces of our soldiers on foreign lands,
limbs and lives and innocence lost buried abroad,

good for making fertilizer of our fellow brethren,
and theirs, all others (forgetting the inextricable fact, there are no “others”),

we will all be soil, someday, but some lead us astray,
bullets and blades for the sake of the wealthy,
who can take all these lives in stride because they believe “it doesn’t affect me,”

but it does, each of us has the same rust in our veins,
exploded stars and their dust, and we all breathe the same,
they have sold us their poisons, and we’ve inherited polluted earth,
because politicians and corporations can tell you precisely what all life’s worth.

Instead of wallowing in dearth,

we should overthrow oligarchs and each extend the wreath
and the laurel, stick to the moral,

that what is hateful to you should be saved from your quarrels,
treat everyone like you’d like to be treated,
the golden rule of every theological treatise,

before we completely deplete the seat of our small sovereignty,

this fair blue marble floating in the void.

Gratitude: Part 13

Today I am grateful for:
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Journal – Biking

Fatigue is not a problem if you can keep moving. If you stop, like say at the corner of Cambridge and Desert Inn, waiting five minutes for the light to change so you can cross in 100 degree heat, lethargy starts to seep into your bones. It’s the thighs at first: they’ve been working hardest. Your calves feel it too but one rests while the other pushes.

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End of April – NaPoWriMo #30

You are coming to a close, o’ calendar mark of adversity.

When we beware the Ides of March it is because it heralds you,
You three-year memorably difficult month,
All challenges, all obstacles, all stumbling blocks,
All triumphed over,
Because April showers bring Mayflowers and pilgrims always struggle to survive.

This month I learned:

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Protected: Star Trek – NaPoWriMo #28

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Protected: Things To Do Before I Die – NaPoWriMo #17

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The Worst Writing Advice from the Worst Poet Ever – NaPoWriMo #4

I know I said I’d be password-protecting all my poems, but this one needs to be accessible to the troll it was written for. Please let people write without diminishing their self-worth: you don’t have to like everything you read, but you should treat all people as human beings.
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