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Gratitude: Part 13

Today I am grateful for:
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Meditations: Ace of Wands

My card for 15 December 2015:

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Meditations: Three of Swords

My card for 13 December, 2015
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Meditation: The Devil

My card of the day, 08 December, 2015

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Meditation: Tarot

First Written Meditation: 07 December, 2015.

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#RulesBeDamned #31ss31days

Rules will not constrain an honest refrain from the brain. Stories can be told on an instinct, from a soundscape or on a pheromone cloud. Time, like story-telling, is not linear but we perceive It to be.

This story was told before: it started somewhere near the middle, after Soil was fashioned with a soul and Sent off to dance for [insert Deity here]’s Sake; soaked in sake and its’ insobriety – rules be damned, it would meet its’ Maker’s mark and map adulthood into its newborn form.

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The Burned Library – #31ss31days #2

There is a library – it is ephemeral and intangible and it exists both only in the minds of those who have lost its’ contents and in a spiritual plane that can only be encountered when death has taken you. It is a library that exists of burned books – its contents in a perpetual state of conflagration, burning embers, charred pages, but the words themselves are alight still on those shelves. The Librarian is an angel of fire whose vestments contain the souls of those poor authors who have lost their works to the fires of ignorance, which burn much more brightly than the sparks of knowledge that have sparingly been nurtured in our short time on this earth.

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