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Yet another idea I’d had at the top of the Challenge, Conception was always going to be between two sperm and an ovum. A recent news report on NPR about vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s backing of a bill that would classify zygotes as persons led the play to take on a whole new dimension. Clearly, I kind of think that deeming a single-cell as a fully-righted human being is bullshit. Also pre-conception conception in Arizona would be extremely humorous if it weren’t so utterly senseless.

At any rate, this one here’s a comedy, and certainly has its moments. Took a longer turn than I expected, as did the ending rounding up. A little research at the tail of it yielded the possibility, although the unlikelihood of it (I think writers thrive in low probability fields). Regardless, I think it all tied up together nicely at the end. Also, completed at 3 in the morning at a Blackjack table in downtown Las Vegas, so there’s that to boot.

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This short play was written utilizing the 31 Plays in 31 Days August 1st prompt. combining the two prompts in a fashion. One took PostSecret as inspiration, the other utilized a waiting room or line and the hidden relationships between the people there.

Awkward  is about a couple that are in an abortion doctor’s office looking to terminate their child. The only problem is, they come to learn, their doctor is the daughter they’re trying to abort. Perhaps I watched too much Twilight Zone when I was a kid.