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3/30 – Shores

She’s broad as shore to shore,
hips as wide as America,
she shines, sea to shining sea,
loving a lost cause and hopeful,
falling fanatically for an abstraction,
half-baked idea that never fully form,
failing to see reality for the potential at the core.

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Dinosaur out every tailpipe,
That carbon footprint rattles my whole vision and mars every sight,
Red planet’s the nearest hope but any dope would quit sugar-coating all the carbon that in the air floats and chokes.

No amount of soap could scrub out our ether,
Because Interests won’t let us do what’s best in ours neither,
Grow hemp, every strain coast to coast and I mean that internationally,
Because it can feed us, fuel us, clothe us, and be made into technology.

But Corporate-Owned Americaâ„¢ doesn’t want you to know because that would be cheap and where would they get their huge helpings of dough?
They’d rather keep us devoid,
Bent on oil, alcohol, all of us on opioids.

Have us all meeting the Grim Reaper with every engine that chugs,
Each one that’s been that still currently poisons our lungs,
That locks in the heat from the sun,
Pushes us to the next rung in the ladder from Our Climb to Our Demise,
Because we are shackled within corporate lies.

Because we are just a device for someone else to derive more of our time,
our money,
our life,
Every thing for which you strive,
They are selling us all up the river,
Because last time I checked, CEOs couldn’t breathe carbon either.

But that’s why we see so much more again about manned flights to Mars,
That’s saying “we’re fucked” without getting us all of us alarmed,
This world was charmed once
But we scrubbed out the magic.
Rest In Peace, the human race,
You made this place tragic.