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Hours have passed with each footfall bringing us closer to the village,
it would be less difficult if I knew where we were going, but I am ignorant of our destination,
how far we need to travel,
we are seeing the canyon for the trees, the red rocks,
the crows flying in circles, the little lizards seeking shade,
refuge from the sun, as we do, at every outcrop of rock that at noon-time
can still offer the solace of shadow from the heat,
that radiating from sky and ground that has my water spent too early,
that sees my footfalls quickening for the sound of the river
and the small forest that quenches its’ roots with the water table,
and we are encouraged by a bridge that points the way to the village,
and in my mind I am settling, thinking I am nearly done.

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Yet another idea I’d had at the top of the Challenge, Conception was always going to be between two sperm and an ovum. A recent news report on NPR about vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s backing of a bill that would classify zygotes as persons led the play to take on a whole new dimension. Clearly, I kind of think that deeming a single-cell as a fully-righted human being is bullshit. Also pre-conception conception in Arizona would be extremely humorous if it weren’t so utterly senseless.

At any rate, this one here’s a comedy, and certainly has its moments. Took a longer turn than I expected, as did the ending rounding up. A little research at the tail of it yielded the possibility, although the unlikelihood of it (I think writers thrive in low probability fields). Regardless, I think it all tied up together nicely at the end. Also, completed at 3 in the morning at a Blackjack table in downtown Las Vegas, so there’s that to boot.

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