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Hope – NaPoWriMo #20

Story peddler, word merchant,
everywhere I turn there’s a tale to be told, all urgent:
There’s an old man urchin with the same duct tape shoes
that rode the bus with me earlier today –
I guess we all must pay our dues.

Every clue, every missile,
every residual epistle,
every mountain we yet conquer,
every stone we over-turn
earns us scars and earns us badges,
every dart and all our baggage,
it is not too much to manage if we only listen true:

There is hope yet in the world still
and love when others have not e’en a morsel,
how to be so self-ensorceled and only see what’s brute,
if you’d see yourself astutely, and not think yourself minutely,
which is your sacred duty, and the only thing that’s true:

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself,”
gives you the dharma to love yourself!
And whatever’s on your shelf there is always this to think –
“I love myself.”

T’is neither selfish nor narcissitic,
because if you cannot stand yourself
why should others think your company distinguished?

And for all the damage that I’ve done, beating up this heart of mine,
With just a brief self-assurance I find I’m fine,
Sublime, in the love that is Self-Given,
a spark set within Myself pinpointed through a prism.

Auditions Are…Rolling Genome…Middleground

So – I have been keeping up with the Challenge but have been super-busy and under-the-weather. Took a health day today and stayed in bed (and on my computer) working. That “time-off” was well spent in that I now have Days 28, 29, and 30 edited and formatted, just waiting for your perusal! Like in all the other posts, read the play by clicking the title. Hope you enjoy!

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Monster Speed Dating

This one kicked my ass, just like it knew it would. Last month, before the 31 Plays Challenge began, I wrote a list of prompts for myself. Top of the list was this very simple idea: monsters speed dating. I knew that it would require a level of concentration that I was unaccustomed to, bouncing back and forth between conversations so that they flowed in a reasonable fashion that also built on itself. I picked probably the worst day to work on this one.

Little sleep. A position at work that predicated I could not write. Chores to do between jobs. A near fight at the dinner show. A photo-shoot and a line-through for one of the plays I’m rehearsing. On top of all this I decided to write a fourteen page play? Challenge accepted.

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God Calling

So I’m sitting on my couch trying to write “Slammed” when there’s a knock on my door. I take a gander through the peephole and see a guy that sort of looks like someone who works for my apartment complex. The guy turns out not to be from my complex, but a proselyte for a Christian organization in town who put on plays and concerts, all with, and I would expect no different, a Jesus-theme.

Now, I have spoken to the representatives of this particular organization in front of my apartment before, and every time when I refuse their fliers they get very high and mighty, and fire and brimstone-y. I try and be polite, refuse and just close the door, but they always try to make me feel bad for not believing in Jesus, and they always let me know that I’ll be going to Hell because of it, sometimes raving about such through the closed door.

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On the third day after my member was mortified in Your mollification sent You three messengers to me;
I ran and undid the straps of their tireless feet,
Those feet my sand-like enumerated children would emulate
In praise to You five millenia after our compact, Lord,
“Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh….”
“Holy, Holy, Holy….”
As I made them to be,
Knowing not their celestial origination but seeking solace in the wisdom of stuff You Created,
Grateful for a chance to serve You, as You Serve,
In Lovingkindness, sans seeking satisfaction aside in the act of giving itself.

The leather is new, as though never worn,
my first clue these three were not what they seem;
So little sand stuck to their sandals,
As though they’d not walked the leagues to this tent that stands in the stead of an oasis;
But still I scrub, as though there was a satisfaction in scouring itself,
As though heaven’s doors could be found between their supposed toes,
That solace could be crept into in the somber supplication of sweat and soil and the suffocation of detrius,
That salvation was something to be had here, scraped off strangers’ shoes.

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Forty – you counted them and kept them;
seven times did you cease work and worshiped toward the mountain, Salvation, from bondage.

You adored Him out of fear and admiration, you were bound by the canopy that covered you – and you strayed.

His servant finds his work becoming harder, toiling,
I am becoming heavy:
I had floated so as he descended,
but each layer that brought us closer to the scene sent my letters soaring upward,
the lightness of my form taking the stone-cold stare of each statute broken:

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six:
In one fell swoop you broke all of these, O Israel!
How you have fallen – you’ve taken gold not your own and cast it in an idol,
you wanted a messenger in the medium of the land you were taken out of;
Aaron – you lay the blame on others and sullied all their names, still took the mantle and made scapegoats ever after – was it fear, Aaron?
After the first poor soul that confronted them?
Did you create diversions to save your skin or theirs?

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Conjuring – NaPoWriMo #21

Had another poem in me today – I think this is the real one that wanted out, so I’m posting ahead of schedule. Have a day off tomorrow, so I may check out the UNLV Poetry Event – have a show at night, so between the two I may not get a poem in otherwise. This poem is just what’s been on my mind of late: hope you enjoy.

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