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8/30 – Struggle

Small sparrow struggles against a loose leaf

beak against branch, whittiling away for a nest,

unresting, using its only resource for a fortune,

seeing perfection on this one attached sprig,

ignoring those that fell already,

knowing the pride at that one struggled-for piece,

a lesson to little hatchlings that some things are worth it,

expend more energy but are their own earned rewards,

because nothing worth having comes easy,

at least that’s what the living tell their kin,

that consciousness is precious,

because it is short, and you might get eaten.


Bird Stories

These stories
Tell themselves
Between crows and ravens
In songs their forebears told,
Before murders made malice
For farmers rowing food
For their families,
Birds bid their broods sleep
With tales of
Favored feathers and fanciful flights.

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Haiku #Connecticut

Bumblebee buzzing,
Friendless stranger in the rain,
No nectar to eat.

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