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Yet another idea I’d had at the top of the Challenge, Conception was always going to be between two sperm and an ovum. A recent news report on NPR about vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s backing of a bill that would classify zygotes as persons led the play to take on a whole new dimension. Clearly, I kind of think that deeming a single-cell as a fully-righted human being is bullshit. Also pre-conception conception in Arizona would be extremely humorous if it weren’t so utterly senseless.

At any rate, this one here’s a comedy, and certainly has its moments. Took a longer turn than I expected, as did the ending rounding up. A little research at the tail of it yielded the possibility, although the unlikelihood of it (I think writers thrive in low probability fields). Regardless, I think it all tied up together nicely at the end. Also, completed at 3 in the morning at a Blackjack table in downtown Las Vegas, so there’s that to boot.

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An Incomplete Explanation – NaPoWriMo #18

For Taylor, with apologies for being a grouch.

Being in love is:

Nervousness creeping in your fingers, twirling around themselves, trying too hard to keep still and gesticulate at the same time; being afraid that you’ll somehow scare the other person off.

Secreting kisses, pilfered passion, like a tort out a pastry shop from right beneath the baker’s nose, who set them out purposefully, hoping you would come and gobble them up all the while.

Sometimes moving too quickly, despite yourself and your intentions and your mother’s voice warning you about how you wear your heart on your sleeve.

Getting your heart a bit bruised so that you can show your scars to your real love who will love you all the more for them.

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Sitting in plastic,
Ready to quench a thirst,
H2O is life.

Quick Trust

She sailed on strong winds the way sailors sought the shore,
captive to the core, her strengths explored,
saddling sadness with weighty wisdom she pulled off the bench when she inherited it after her tragedies,
tragedies of such magnitude as to name them epic would still be lacking,
but she still smiled, even if she cried,
she faced each day her best foot forward,
she stayed in the light though she had every right to hide.

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Not all Poets observe Wrought requirements i’iron, Manifesting only Narrative,

as Prose, opening What random inconsistencies ‘Mid occasions Nationally adhered,

Patriotic overtones, Wrestling reason inna Modern oligarchy, Never advocating Power,

only Weighing rightly in Media outsource, Native ablutions polluting our

Weathered reconditioning impossibly Malfeasant obstructions Neatly appropriate Per our Wholesome

religious inconsistencies, Merely operating Novices always Punctuating orifices With rabidity,

inherited Millions of Nature’s appropriations Placating occidental Weasels, reflexively insipid,

Mixing O, Na, and Pd, occasionally With Rh Melancholic

ordinations, Nefariously actuating Poetical orchestrations Writhing rhythmically in Momentary occupations.

Who Am I?

Who am I to say
that these changes should be made today?
I am just carbon configured in this frame,
just massive fascination coiled inside a, relatively, tiny brain.

Craving fame, chasing beer
year after year, to quell the fear
of aging, maintaining the same status quo,
don’t you know? Some labels just expose the low.

Conquering crow, carnivorous of carrion,
A harried son, a well-polished passion,
Platinum plated pattern on the patent nomer:
Word Splay,
When the phrases he embellishes play as more than just a list:

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