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13/30 – Ghosts

To every dead friend and relative scrolled by on my Facebook friends list,

ghosts that linger every time I’m trying to remember someone’s name,

you haunt me in the milliseconds, memories flooding in flashback philosophy,

a somber syllogism of sacred and “sorry,”

unforgotten festivities when the next one rolls around,

sobriquet bittersweet still on the tongue, a talisman locking talon-like on heart string symphonies that speak your name of woeful pitches,

An elegy in digital thumbprints, amber-stuck snapshots of a life cut out,

A testimony of having been here,

Etched into gray clay and alive in my mind.

8/30 – Struggle

Small sparrow struggles against a loose leaf

beak against branch, whittiling away for a nest,

unresting, using its only resource for a fortune,

seeing perfection on this one attached sprig,

ignoring those that fell already,

knowing the pride at that one struggled-for piece,

a lesson to little hatchlings that some things are worth it,

expend more energy but are their own earned rewards,

because nothing worth having comes easy,

at least that’s what the living tell their kin,

that consciousness is precious,

because it is short, and you might get eaten.

06/30 – Solomon


Nicolas Poussin’s “The Judgement of Solomon.”

Pray for a change in the way that the game is played and won,
but alas,
“There is nothing new under the sun.”
Serpent’s tongues still tempt forbidden fruit,
distort the truth, distract you with some other proof,
and unastute,
we drop hook, line, and sinker,
as unscrupulous demagogues push us to the brink of war,
humanity’s sores,
for all our achievements, how many’re for gore?

This abhorrent, warrantless debasement of life,
pawns pressed into service of some politician’s knife,
flashed fangs, rattled sabers,
the blatant fanning of the conflagration for capitalist wagers,
history’s pages are littered with these maniacal crooks,
but who’s reading about the past in their books today?

Patents protected better than patients are,
where a scare can become a scar,
Land of the wage slave, home of the meek sheep that bleat,
corporate owners have us beat.

This does sound┬ábleak, so don’t keep your seat,
stand for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit to seek
a standard, not just sappiness,
our Freedoms must be stressed into practice, yet remain,
despite 45th reign being profane,
the blame laying on Electoral College,
which should have protected, instead a shiny turd polished,
should be abolished, what good’s it for,
except for insuring racists get a place on the floor?


Cutting through the soil,
Bent blades breaking dirt,
Opening up the earth,
Cracked and dry, brown,
Giving up the rocks,
The clay-like blackness beneath.

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Libra Rising

Just before the moon crests the horizon,
Libra pokes her head above the curve,
Promising Mars and Saturn behind her,
Courters to her crown,
Casting of Jupiter,
Hanging lonely above in isolation.

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Haiku #Connecticut

Bumblebee buzzing,
Friendless stranger in the rain,
No nectar to eat.

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Sticking out,
Tag like,
Too unpracticed
At small talk,
Too timid for a noisy bar
Full of people
Who know each other already,
No way into the conversation
Save for an oddity
That was gifted
And hangs
Like old memories,
The way the El Cortez still smells
Of 60 year old cigars
And the musk
That marks it

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