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14/30 – giddy

Quizzical, adulation physical, giddy in a prospect in discoursing on the spiritual,

visual, vivacious, vicariously vested,

seldom stresses tested, bested by the burgeoning braggart at the bar,

making ardor far, formulating instead of taking chances,

part man, part portrait, frozen in acrylic filament,

a self-inflicted torture that nitpicks the predicament,

thrills every minute but doesn’t want to change the present stage,

comfort in an unturned page,

wages jester’s gesticulating might generate generosity,

pauper’s philosophy, fairly flustered by the long form,

runs to join the circus to abandon all the norms.


Brooklyn’s heart beat courses through my feet,
Jackhammer and carhorns,
Borequa mulatto girl with headphones dancing counterpoint to the construction.

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