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Clara Didn’t Make It – Potassium Did Her In

There’s a fairy-tale playing in my head – it seems true. It starts with a ringing phone in my first home after leaving my parent’s roof, across town. Dad calls, I answer even though I don’t want to talk to him. I rarely do – he rarely talks to me, but at me, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, he’s to be heard.

“Mom’s in the hospital,” he says, “you should come.” It’s just a story, right, but it sits in the back of my mind, the hesitation – reason, and good parenting prevail. I say I’ll be there, call my brother – I pick him up and go to Sunrise Hospital, hopeful in the namesake.

The story is getting ahead of itself. Rewind.

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Mundane & Divine

The idea frightened, but with the resolve came the  enlightened sine that sparked the thoughts that crossed the line between the mundane and the divine,
with a brightness in kind to render one blind.

Finding colors in the wash of white,
derived from the fractioned proportions that kept coming out of light,
a sight more sincere than the sample of sirens that sent celibate men into the depth a’wend of the tasks they had yet to portend,
pretending peace on stony shores and stares that circumvented the “why” by asking “what” and “wherefore?”

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Lucking Out

Two lovers: Limber and Lithe,
lithic and mythic and always in time,
with license to lubricate in a libidinous lather labial lusts that call out, “Oh, faster.”

He’s mastered his rod, gives winks and nods,
gives praise to his God and keep his sword shod:
whispers sweet nothings, giving fodder for her rapture, if only the moment were preserved, were captured:

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