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Protected: Things To Do Before I Die – NaPoWriMo #17

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First Attempt @ Phone Your Blog, featuring On the Matter of the Subject of Ignorance on Pimps and Tricks

Due to the submission of this poem to a magazine, I cannot distribute the written account of it. Please be assured that as soon as it becomes available definitively, I shall post it here. Regarding my thoughts on the new WordPress feature: I think that if I felt the need to post something immediately, this would be an excellent measure, but I am very rarely in that predicament – though it is convenient (and I can live with the, presumably, signal-based choppiness…for now) as I haven’t had a ton of face-time with my computer (which is somewhat of a wonderful thing as I’m not being reclusive, engulfed in a digital world…except when I’m at work), trying to figure out Audacity. The poem is dedicated to Artikulate, who inspired its writing, helping to refine in me a wiser man: thank you for being you and helping these words shine through.

Yes, I am aware I called it Voice Your Blog in the audio. Oh well. When I get a cleaner file together I’ll swap them out. In the meantime, thanks for listening in.

Who Am I?

Who am I to say
that these changes should be made today?
I am just carbon configured in this frame,
just massive fascination coiled inside a, relatively, tiny brain.

Craving fame, chasing beer
year after year, to quell the fear
of aging, maintaining the same status quo,
don’t you know? Some labels just expose the low.

Conquering crow, carnivorous of carrion,
A harried son, a well-polished passion,
Platinum plated pattern on the patent nomer:
Word Splay,
When the phrases he embellishes play as more than just a list:

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