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Protected: First Hike on Mount Charleston – NaPoWriMo #29

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Dear God,
In Your Infinite Wisdom, would it be so bad if everyone in North Carolina that voted for that stupid fucking law
Fell in love with a transexual?

Not deceitfully, a seduction revealing in the bedroom,
Let there be nothing but honesty,
“Hi, I’m Mindy: I’m a transexual,”
Let her explain it, yes, in North Carolina,
And let it not matter,
Let those who suddenly love stand awestruck in their desires,
And wrestle briefly before deciding that love is love is love.

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Not tattered ragged, or stained,
Just the same, the blue jeans stand out in the business proceedings.

A wrap, a shirt, and a wifebeater
Hide the fact she had a baby just
Three weeks ago.

Beneath his business suit
There is calm and verve, which he wears with
All the grace of the Designer’s cuts.

Layers, layers to keep out the cold,
As she roams between streets and alleys,
Trying to keep the demons at bay.

Dark rimmed glasses, tattoos and
A shock of pink hair to make everyone think
There’s someone there.

Lucking Out

Two lovers: Limber and Lithe,
lithic and mythic and always in time,
with license to lubricate in a libidinous lather labial lusts that call out, “Oh, faster.”

He’s mastered his rod, gives winks and nods,
gives praise to his God and keep his sword shod:
whispers sweet nothings, giving fodder for her rapture, if only the moment were preserved, were captured:

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