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Gratitude: Part 21

Right now I am grateful for:

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Gratitude: Part 20

Today I am grateful for:
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Gratitude: Part 17

I am grateful for:
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Gratitude: Part 15

Today I am grateful for:
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You are a star shining crimson-gold,
bold beyond belief, never giving in to grief,
you peaked and kept on growing,
showing Lovingkindess because it was bred in your twinkling.

You are rope-bridge dangling between woman and man,
can-can choral calamity on casanova’s hopefullness,
bliss resounding in a wicked laugh,
a math that added to those who loved you’s joy.

You are hands on shoulders, backs, and thighs,
a prize that twinkles Vegas’ eye,
lovely wanton woman, never shy,
beauty never meant to be a bride;
you marry life to leisure, working hard for bliss synonymous with your name,
fame for your ferocious ways,
the deep, mysterious praise of your gaze,
and you live yet in hearts and minds,
lives you’ve touched by your glamor,
enamored in the essence of your joyous breath –
you shall live beyond this little death.

Journal – Biking

Fatigue is not a problem if you can keep moving. If you stop, like say at the corner of Cambridge and Desert Inn, waiting five minutes for the light to change so you can cross in 100 degree heat, lethargy starts to seep into your bones. It’s the thighs at first: they’ve been working hardest. Your calves feel it too but one rests while the other pushes.

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Journal – Legwork

Last night I rode to my love’s house (she lives just down the street), and together we took a night on the town. First we went to the Erotic Heritage Museum (where she has worked, and where she still holds instruction from time to time) and heard a fascinating lecture on prostate massage – fascinating and informative, particularly considering my new line of work.
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