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Gratitude: Part 14

Today I am grateful for:

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On the third day after my member was mortified in Your mollification sent You three messengers to me;
I ran and undid the straps of their tireless feet,
Those feet my sand-like enumerated children would emulate
In praise to You five millenia after our compact, Lord,
“Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh….”
“Holy, Holy, Holy….”
As I made them to be,
Knowing not their celestial origination but seeking solace in the wisdom of stuff You Created,
Grateful for a chance to serve You, as You Serve,
In Lovingkindness, sans seeking satisfaction aside in the act of giving itself.

The leather is new, as though never worn,
my first clue these three were not what they seem;
So little sand stuck to their sandals,
As though they’d not walked the leagues to this tent that stands in the stead of an oasis;
But still I scrub, as though there was a satisfaction in scouring itself,
As though heaven’s doors could be found between their supposed toes,
That solace could be crept into in the somber supplication of sweat and soil and the suffocation of detrius,
That salvation was something to be had here, scraped off strangers’ shoes.

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Spent Metaphors

I built you fragile metaphors in spent lighters and unfinished slow dances in coffee shops.

You built a dollhouse around your heart with grit on the walls to keep me from stealing you away from him.

Like you wanted me to. Like I wanted me to.
But I’m too nice and you love too deeply to let me go.

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Quick Trust

She sailed on strong winds the way sailors sought the shore,
captive to the core, her strengths explored,
saddling sadness with weighty wisdom she pulled off the bench when she inherited it after her tragedies,
tragedies of such magnitude as to name them epic would still be lacking,
but she still smiled, even if she cried,
she faced each day her best foot forward,
she stayed in the light though she had every right to hide.

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